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Anyone that was at the party on NYE know what happened to the Glenlivet 18 that Senor Yusef brought? It was unopened at party start - and whereas I did see some people drinking it - it seems kind of unlikely that the whole bottle got nuked - it was almost full when I saw it last. I got curious and glanced in the recycling bin, but no bottle. Just wondering if someone put it somewhere wierd in a half-drunk (or even fully drunk) state.

BTW - in case it wasnt obvious...

The last post was not meant to be "woe is me - I have no time" whining - more transparency into life events. I am actually really excited about grad school - it would be nice to have an official and useful education in my chosen profession rather then haphazardly stumbling across info as it comes up in my job. Also - whether or not it is actually true, my parents both pushed grad school pretty heavy when I was a kid (not so surprising since they were both professors), so it feels good to be jumping into higher ed. I am hoping that formal study in computerness will be both challenging and engaging.

The future in general is looking busy and bright - and the year so far is shaping up to be a good one. Now that I think about it - last year was pretty damn decent, too. Didn't see quite enough of people - which is probably a continuing trend - but looking at my quality of life dashboard, everything is looking pretty rosy. I am lucky to have the people in my life that I do - and I am happy you guys are there even if I don't see you all the time.

Busy is not bad - is just busy. :-)

Uhm - Yeah - Busy

So, I just sent out a pair of e-mails explaining the ridiculous over-stuffed schedule that I signed up for - and rather than continuing to do that one-by-one - I thought I would make a more global "I am going to socially disintegrate soon" announcement using the Interweb. Starting January 22nd, I will be returning to college to get my Masters in Information Systems. Because I am aiming to finish in 3 years, and I have my squishy Psychology degree for undergrad (meaning I have to take 4 foundation courses in addition to the 10 grad courses), this means that I will have two night classes a week, in addition to associated homework. On top of that, I still have the game I run monthly, the game I play in twice a month, a weekly date night with my lady love, and the regular chores that all of us adults have to stress over. It might be slightly better when I stop commuting daily in DC (look for that sometime in June) - but until then, expect a lot of "I am sorry's" for evites and invitations. Don't worry - it will only be for like 3 years.

I miss y'all already. :-/

Forgot How Good These Guys Were

Just found my CD of Steppin Init - a blues-rock Indy band out of Lansing, Michigan. Me and the Girlie saw them open for Eddie from Ohio up in Baltimore, and I fell in love with their modern take on the blues. Their version of Louis Armstrong's "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans" instantly puts me back in the French Quarter eating beignets and listening to street performers. Go Check Em Out. Kay - now back to work.
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BTW - for those contemplating doing something fun-filled in DC this weekend, you may want to rethink. I was just reminded by a co-worker that Rolling Thunder is this weekend - so traffic is going to *suck*. If you need to - use le' Metro.

Worst. Movies. Ever.

FYI - I have discovered the worst movies on earth, at least according to Rotten Tomatoes. What they are will not come as a shock, but I was a bit surprised at some of the competition they beat - notably, that they beat Battlefield Earth by 3%, and Mortal Kombat 2 by 4%, Elektra by 7%, and Catwoman by 9% - all very righteous debacles in their own right. But no - the two worst movies I have ever found on Rotten Tomatoes are:

Drumroll PleaseCollapse )
Aristo Dawg

Little Miss Sunshine

Really good - I laughed, I cried, I kissed $11 goodbye (all literally - thanks, Cinema De Luxe - or actually, since was my lady's treat - thanks Girlie). Was good - kind of a cross between a Wes Anderson flick (Life Aquatic, Rushmore, Royal Tannenbaums) and that Blind Melon video with the little Bumble-bee chick. No - I am not kidding. BTW - feel fear. Who thought he would get another job after Requiem. *shiver*